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20 november, 2010 / Andreas

Hello, you English speaking person

Funny night

It’s funny to view the stats of this unpretentious blog of mine but I found one funny thing today. Someone have read my post with pictures from the play Baksidan with Google Translate from Swedish to English.

But who are you English speaking person out there?
How did you get to this blog?

Most of my readers are definately Swedish speaking but maybe I should write summaries in English to all my blog posts, it is not that hard.

Have a nice Saturday out there people, I sure will!


3 kommentarer

  1. Britta / Nov 22 2010 03:53

    Hej. I think I might be the English speaking person. I found your blog when I was surfing food blogs. I like to look at what people have on their blog rolls. You have a nice blog here. I bookmarked it. I’m 23, live in California near the coast, and interested in all things Swedish. I don’t think you need to write in English Google does a nice job. Thank you though.

  2. Andreas / Nov 22 2010 07:13

    Hello Britta.
    It is very cool that you found my blog and thanks for the compliments.
    How come your name is Britta? You know many in Sweden does have that name.
    And do you have a blog?
    Have a nice day!

  3. Britta / Nov 22 2010 08:53

    Hi Andreas.
    Your very welcome. Thats funny you say that about my name. I have met one person my whole life that has my name. It’s not common at all in the US. I have to spell it every time I introduce myself to a new person. And then they always promptly ask if it is short for Brittany. I’m half swedish on my moms side and half scottish on my dads side. My mom picked it because she wanted me to have a swedish name. It fits. I look swedish. Have all the physical stereotypical hallmarks of that come with it. Natural blonde hair, light eyes, skin tans well.
    I don’t have a blog.
    Hope you have a nice day as well.


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